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Screwdriver Bit Sets + 90° Drill Bit Adapter, 3-Piece 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ Hex Shank Universal Socket Adapter Set, 105 Degree Right Angle Extension Power Screwdriver Drill Attachment

Product Features:

    ①Socket Adapter/Extension SetSuitable for Quick Change 1/4" Chuck Systems or Directly into Drill Chuck.Turns any power/cordless drill into a power nut driver.Handy for Fast Driving of Nuts, Bolts and Fixings, etc.Specification :Weight: Approx.100gAll Sockets Standard 1/4" Hex ShankSize:1/4 * 1/4 * 65mm length -- 1/4 " shank can be…
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Product Description

①Socket Adapter/Extension Set

Suitable for Quick Change 1/4″ Chuck Systems or Directly into Drill Chuck.

Turns any power/cordless drill into a power nut driver.

Handy for Fast Driving of Nuts, Bolts and Fixings, etc.

Specification :

Weight: Approx.100g

All Sockets Standard 1/4″ Hex Shank


1/4 * 1/4 * 65mm length — 1/4 ” shank can be converted to 6.35mm square head

3/8 * 1/4 * 65mm length — 1/4 ” shank can be converted to 9.4mm square head

1/2 * 1/4 * 72mm length — 1/4 ” shank can be converted to 12.6mm square head

②Angle power extension

1/4″ Hex shaft screwdriver extension, convenient, durable, long lasting and easy to use.

It’s good for wrench and power drill, rechargeable drill or manual wrench.Light weight, fast, connect to the standard hex screwdriver.


Material: Stainless Steel 

Size: 5.9 X 3cm 

Color: Silver 

torque capacity: 16N. It only allows for a 1/4 hex bits


☢ Use with charging screwdriver or power drill. The maximum torque of this 105 degree Angle Driver adapter is 10N and it is only for right angle head. 

🚫 NOT FOR impact drill

Note: Please adjust the torque to a minimum when using the electric screwdriver. Do not rely on it to tighten the screws if the hand drill is used. Finally, you must tighten the angle driver adapter manually, or the gear will be broken off.

③Package Included

1 x (1/4″ hex shank to 1/4″ socket)Socket Adapter

1 x (1/4″ hex shank to 3/8″ socket)Socket Adapter

1 x (1/4″ hex shank to 1/2″ socket)Socket Adapter

1 x 105° Angle Drill Adapter 

Product Features

  • 105°Angle Extension 1/4inch 6mm Hex Drill Bit Screwdriver Socket Holder Adaptor, 1/4 inch hex drive shaft is quick change compatible and fits most power drill, rechargeable drill, manual wrench and driver chucks,Magnetic 1/4 inch hex socket accepts and holds standard drill and driver bits.
  • The angle extension gears are mounted in a die cast with 3 durable ball bearings. Strong bulid-in magnetic socket holds standard hex drilling and drive bits, avoid falling.105° designs for tight spaces, extends the power of a cordless screwdriver, max torque: 10n/m.105 degree right angle head, designs for tight spaces, extends the power of a cordless screwdriver.Extends power of cordless screwdrivers-100 in/lbs. torque, 400 RPM.
  • 105 degrees angle extension, in which you use when you have hard places to get to,360 degree adjustable thumb flange.It can connect hand drill and manual wrench.The function head is equipped with a locking and magnetic device, to ensure that the sleeve does not fall.Built-in strong magnet for good holding power, accepts all 1/4″ standard hexagon shank bits.Apply to all electric drill and socket wrench, which allows to reach unreachable or tight spaces.
  • 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ Socket Adapter Turns any power drill into a power nut driver Sturdy spring-loaded ball bearing holds sockets securely in place Sockets Snap-On Tightly and Won’t Slip Off. Attach these Versatile Extender Bars to any Powered/Cordless Drill Chuck or Impact Driver to turn it into a High-Speed Nut Driver – Useful for Automotive Mechanic Vehicle Repairs, Technicians, Handyman & Hobbyist Developments to use with sockets on Hardware/Tire Nuts, Lag Bolts.
  • Extension used in the installation of pneumatic screwdriver, electric screwdriver, pneumatic drill, manual screwdriver and other installation for the hexagonal tool .It is a good accessory for conversion.The exterior anti-weathering coating provides extra protection from damage against elements and substances such as oil and fluids that may come in contact with the extension bars during use with repairs such as in the automotive field.